Our Solutions

Customized Mobile Applications for In-House Learning & Development

We specialize in the design and development of customized mobile applications for in-house learning & development.

Every organization has very unique training needs. Thus, our mobile learning experiences are fully customized to fulfill these needs in different contexts.

Main Solutions


Individual Development Planning

Increase talent development objectivity and efficiency with learning analytics and insights. We will help you motivate and engage talents to grow and achieve development goals.


NEXTEP Follow-up Training

We adopt a proven method for behavioral & performance change with the engagement of participants and related stakeholders in the post-training learning process.


Gamification of eLearning

Gamification is proven to be highly engaging and appealing to learners. We will help you boost training outcomes by incorporating fun gaming elements for your talents.


What Clients Are Saying

"A revolutionary move towards digitalized learning. It enabled us to learn anytime, anywhere with our handset. Immediate Feedback from peers and trainers greatly enhanced our learning experiences. A positive learning atmosphere and motivation were fostered."

Global Operation Manager, Guardforce

"Timely feedback from the digital learning solutions was amazing! We could learn from both the trainer and our peers to multiply the learning effects!"

Retail Manager, Zurich Watch