About us

Lime Knowledge Technology Asia Co. Ltd.

We are Lime Knowledge Technology, a group of business psychologists driving innovation in knowledge transfer via delivering the right knowledge at the right time for modern learners. By the combination of behavioral science and e-learning technologies, we can undoubtedly create a brand new solution for the sustainable growth of a company by enhancing employees’ efficiency and effectiveness in working.

With the use of learning analytics and big data algorithms, we provide you with a personalized plan for unleashing your full potential in your working field and getting the best productivity for the company to develop in the long term.


Developing an active ecosystem for a better future of continuous talent development.


Driving innovation in knowledge transfer via delivering the right knowledge at the right time for people to develop their competency and career.


Strengthen Confidence

Our brain can store around 4 pieces of data at a time. Get instant access to the answers you need. Navigate and revisit contents any time, anywhere.

Always Up-To-Date Content

With Lime, knowledge contents are always up-to-date.  Learners can contribute their ideas and expertise to the bigger group, and learn from one another.

Boost Revenue and Training ROI

40% of companies said e-learning has helped to boost revenue. Every $100 spent on online learning brings $3000 worth of productivity

Custom Modules & Curriculum

Manage, track, follow up and report modules and curriculum. Training requirements are monitored and followed through with Lime’s built-in functions.

Increase Engagement

Social and gamified features for today’s digital learners allows them to contribute, share, and test their practical knowledge content.

Analytics and Reports

Knowledge profiles, content efficiency, and performance metrics are available to clients and learners.

Our Partners

Together with our partners, we create unprecedented learning experiences with psychology-proven methods.