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Our knowledge platform and solutions are learner-centric, just-in-time, engaging, and effective, bringing substantiated people and business benefits to our clients.

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Personalized plans for unleashing your full potential in your working field and getting the best productivity for the company to develop in the long term.

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Lime Knowledge Technology Asia Co. Ltd.

We are Lime Knowledge Technology, a group of business psychologists driving innovation in knowledge transfer via delivering the right knowledge at the right time for modern learners. By the combination of behavioral science and e-learning technologies, we can undoubtedly create a brand new solution for the sustainable growth of a company by enhancing employees’ efficiency and effectiveness in working.


“A revolutionary move towards digitalized learning. It enabled us to learn anytime, anywhere with our handset. Immediate Feedback from peers and trainers greatly enhanced our learning experiences. A positive learning atmosphere and motivation were fostered."

Global Operation Manager, Guardforce

“Timely feedback from the digital learning solutions was amazing! We could learn from both the trainer and our peers to multiply the learning effects!"

-Retail Manager, Zurich Watch